Designed to be used on the Fisher Minute Mount 2 plow  

                     The Tommylock secures your Fisher  plow  on or off  your Truck !!                               The pin is Stainless Steel  5/8 diameter and has no neck down      

                                                          which is a weak spot on other locks 

                            The Tommylock  uses a Patented Ball Bearing Locking system !!!.

                                   The keys for this lock are  a square design and are side cut.   

                         Relying on a   chain and padlock is a commom mistake  people make

                       and end up having  their  plows   stolen. Give your self the added                                                                            Protection of  The  Tommylock 

  Also available in Galvanized for the amt. of $164.95  ​

Snowplow Lock  

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The Tommylock

The Tommy  snowplow lock