Plow lock  

​Also available in Galvanize for more info.

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         How the plow lock  is made

The tommy lock is made of 3/16  steel plate  and angle iron and   it's  welded on  all  seams  . wt. is 3lb  .5 oz.  the steel is primed and   painted .  139.95

 now  available  in Galvanized   .  you  can't  get any tougher  coating then hot dip  Galvanizing

 164.95   Made in The  U S A    

The lock is    5/8 stainless steel and has no neck down which  is a weak spot on other  locks,   seals are  on both  ends of the lock to keep water out  . 

This stainless  pin is more expensive  but you would not want  to skimp on this part  the key is side cut design  and has a serial # ,  and  it  can't  be  copied .